Beyond Demographics And Psychographics – A Whole New Way of Understanding People – For Marketing Sementation, Matchmaking and Self-Understanding

Psychodynamics is a pioneering, new values based system that is a more direct and comprehensive way of thinking about the American adult populace. It is a sophisticated, and an all-inclusive way of thinking about people – more focused and more revealing than any other demographics or psychographics based systems. Its primary uses are for marketing segmentation, matchmaking and self-understanding.

John Tyler has developed this new and powerful system, Psychodynamics, based on his educational background and his experience at SRI International, where he was Director of Marketing and also Director of Custom Research for their Psychographics VALS (Value and LifeStyles) Program.


  •  is a typology that categorizes people into eight specific types in terms of their underlying values – e.g. their psychological tendencies, underlying motivations, beliefs, attitudes, convictions and predispositions.
  • is totally different from demographic and psychographic segmentation in that Psychodynamics’ defining algorithm –  as opposed to demographic and psychographic segmentation systems – contains no demographic variables whatsoever, including the census variables: gender, age, education, income, occupation, ethnicity, etc.

The analytic process that identified the eight Psychodynamics types was extensive. Over fifty motivational, attitudinal and other values-related dimensions and variables were studied, including: Spirituality, Materialism, Nationalism, Open-mindedness, Local focus, Risk taking, Intellectualism, Xenophobia, Entitlement, World perspective, Religiosity, Contentment with status quo, Patriotism, etc.

Target market profiling by demographic groupings – census variables – totally eliminates motivational understandings and relies on supplemental methods (such as focus groups, separate surveys, etc.) to come to grips with overall values, and motivations for product purchase.

Target Marketing by psychographic systems such as Vals, and others, are widely criticized for – being overly influenced (and therefore suspect concerning the validity of their “typing” of the U.S. populace) because of their being excessively influenced by demographic variables in their questionnaires and algorithms.